City meeting minutes

  • PRESENT were Mayor Lillian Platts, Council members: Roy Broce, Jackie Lee, Robert Richardson, and Lloyd Jackson, City workers, Barry Barnes and Rick Griffith, City Clerk, Kitty Jehle, Secretary, Virginia Wilbanks and Police Chief, Josh Ashlock, Policeman, Travis Howell.
  • Guest: Sharon Vaughn-Summersville Beacon.
  • Mayor Platts called the meeting to order at 6:30 P.M. began the meeting with prayer and all pledged allegiance to the flag.
  • The minutes of July's meeting and the special meeting to hire another policeman was read by Virginia Wilbanks. Jackie Lee made the motion to approve the minutes, seconded by Roy Broce, with all in favor.
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Summersville flags and mill collage

Our community of Summersville has grown since 2000 when the census gave us a population of 554. As of 2007 we’ve experienced a gain of 1.5%! That represents somewhere around 8 new residents!

We feel we’re the best-kept secret in the Ozarks. We offer some of the friendliest folks anywhere and have a great deal to offer those willing to relocate in this most beautiful area of the Ozarks. Located close to the crystal clear waters of the Jacks Fork and Current Rivers we’re happy to host canoers as well as horse enthusiasts wishing to ride our picturesque hills and valleys . . . . . in fact Big Creek Trail Rides offers eleven rides through out the year to provide those with horses a breath taking view of our hills and “hollers”!

Green Roof Inn can provide accommodations for those wishing to have a clean, reasonably priced place to stay while Grapevine Hollow can offer a unique “in the woods” experience for couples and small groups up to six people. They also offer “catch and release” fishing in their own Lake Gabriel!

We’re a young community with a median age of 35! That means lots of young families! We are represented by some thirteen different churches, several convenience stores, three restaurants, a grocery, flower shop, library, senior center, bank, auto parts store, and two funeral homes not to mention two medical clinics!

The community is also in the process of restoring an old gristmill that will bring back lots of memories to visitors. We can show young people how grains were turned into flour “way back when”!

Our “on the square” flag display reminds us of the many who have given their lives so we may to continue to enjoy the freedoms our country! Our land and home prices are much, much lower than the rest of the country thus allowing you to relocate in our area and enjoy our life styles that we feel are “just right” but are a bit slower than the rest of America.

In Summersville people still interact with other area residents. It gives one the feeling of America fifty years ago! People still wave at one another when meeting, even if they don’t know you! What a wonderful feeling to feel “included” even when moving here from other areas of the country!

Written and photgraphed by Dave Perry.